This weekend we will be at Nass fest in Bath, doing a Bamboo Bay stall Friday – Sunday! We have done Nass once before and we are stocked to be back. This is not your average festival, it’s all based around extreme sports and has some of the biggest names in the game there, like the bird-man – Tony Hawk! As well as some top music names from the UK and world wide like Public Enemy. One of our favourite things about the festival is that everyone is cruising around on skateboards and BMX and there are public skateparks and ramps set up for people to shred in-between bands and live shows. Not to mention the bad ass pro skatepark they[…]

Fancy yourself as an up and coming designer hey? Well we have just the contest to get you started, all this month we will be accepting your T-shirt designs and you will have a chance of getting your very own T-shirt made by Bamboo Bay and put in stores all over the country! If this sounds like something you would be interested in please download our design brief by clicking this link: Design-a-Tee-1.pdf All entries must be submitted by the 1st of June and we will announce the winner soon after. This is a great opportunity to kick start your design career, add to your portfolio and could also lead to more opportunities within Bamboo Bay. You can send us your designs either by Instagram: Just add @bamboobay[…]