Our new sunnies are now online and in time for summer. Now available in matt white, our new “Crazy legs” design sunglasses are really striking and original. Using laser engraving on bamboo legs, we create an amazing effect which are still very strong and robust, for those times when you accidentally use your sunnies as a cushion. Find them under our accessories category and get them before they’re gone!        

Fancy yourself as an up and coming designer hey? Well we have just the contest to get you started, all this month we will be accepting your T-shirt designs and you will have a chance of getting your very own T-shirt made by Bamboo Bay and put in stores all over the country! If this sounds like something you would be interested in please download our design brief by clicking this link: Design-a-Tee-1.pdf All entries must be submitted by the 1st of June and we will announce the winner soon after. This is a great opportunity to kick start your design career, add to your portfolio and could also lead to more opportunities within Bamboo Bay. You can send us your designs either by Instagram: Just add @bamboobay[…]

This is just a short Blog entry incase you were wondering why we are so into bamboo clothing. Well, its because bamboo is the fabric that keeps on giving, not only does it create some comfy threads but is also an extremely sustainable crop – so you can feel good about looking good.  Here are some of the reasons we see bamboo as the new sustainable fiber:   Growth One of the great sustainable features bamboo has as a fabric is the way that it grows. It grows extremely fast and grows densely meaning it requires lot less land to produce it the fabrics like cotton, this frees up the land for much needed agricultural use, to feed the worlds[…]