This weekend we will be at Nass fest in Bath, doing a Bamboo Bay stall Friday – Sunday!

We have done Nass once before and we are stocked to be back. This is not your average festival, it’s all based around extreme sports and has some of the biggest names in the game there, like the bird-man – Tony Hawk!

As well as some top music names from the UK and world wide like Public Enemy.

One of our favourite things about the festival is that everyone is cruising around on skateboards and BMX and there are public skateparks and ramps set up for people to shred in-between bands and live shows.

Not to mention the bad ass pro skatepark they set up for the big boys to show you how it’s done. It’s a real spectacle and we will be right there amongst it. So if you’re there come and say hi and check out our bargains on offer.

If you’re still umm’ing and arrr’ing about it then take a look at the website with the full roster here.

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