This weekend (4,5th of July) we will be doing a pop up stall at the Paddle round the pier event in Brighton!


This will be our 3rd time at this special event in the place where Bamboo Bay started, Brighton.

Each year is more fun and jam packed than the last, with live music, pop up skate ramps and shows, lots of events that the public can enter, demos, amazing local and artisan food stalls, loads of other stalls with gadgets and gizmos for surfing to longboarding, as well as the main event where people use home made rafts to paddle out to sea and race around a corse!


The Bamboo Bay team elite, will be entering a “raft” and hopefully this time it won’t sink straight away and trap everyone who is on it upside down under water, wouldn’t that be nice…..

We will also have bargains¬†galore at our stall so come, get involved with the fun. Oh yea and the best part…..It’s all FREE! Why wouldn’t you?

here is the link to their website, have a look for yourself.

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