The Bamboo Bay crew love a festival and we have done many stalls all over the place in recent years. From Cornwall to the south of France we have had a great time selling at festivals and have met some incredible people along the way.

However, there is one festival that stands out for us. It’s a home away from home and we get especially pumped for Secret Garden Party!

Our extended family “The Dance-Off crew” absolutely kill it there every year with their interactive stage which ensures people are raving and laughing from dusk till dawn. Last year we were lucky enough to do a collaboration with them and they kindly built in a Bamboo Bay shop into the actual stage! The theme was hillbillies and rednecks and we plummeted ourselves into it.

If you want to know more and see for yourselves what you’re missing out on then have a look at the video below.

We will be there again this year as well as other festivals all over the UK and France. So keep an eye on our blog to find out dates and places.

Let the festivities begin, roll on summer!

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