The winter X-Games at Tignes, France is one of Europe’s premier winter events. Pulling huge crowds and all the top tallent in snowboarding and skiing from all over the globe! This is definitely not one to miss but just in case you did, we have put together the best bits for you to watch. Unfortunately we were way too busy in sunny England working on Bamboo Bay to get out there to witness this first hand. If you were, please write to us and let us know what your favourite bits where about the whole event. We will be there next year and judging by the footage it’s just going to get bigger and better each year.

You may have already heard about our amazing competition “Stick U’m up” but just in case you havent here is everything you need to know: Stick U’m up is a ongoing monthly contest open to everyone. All you have to do is get some stickers, either with an order from our website or as a sticker pack from our website (use coupon “stickumup” for free postage) or in selected Two Seasons shops around the UK. Once you have your stickers ready go out exploring and find a totally amazing and original place to stick your sticker. It could be in a super visible place or on a TV set or a celebrity or just a beautiful backdrop, just use your imagination. When you have your sticker in a cool spot[…]

I for one LOVE snowboarding! It’s pretty much the best way to get around ever. I have done a lot of snowboarding but never seem to be able to keep up to date with goings on in the snowboarding world such as: The latest competitions, the newest tricks, the best resorts and backcountry, new groms that kill it and interesting things happening within snowboard culture. The reason I am never up to date with all these things is simple, I’d rather be riding and partying than spending ages scouring the internet to fit all the pieces to this puzzle together! So if you share the same views on the matter, never fear because Bamboo Bay’s blog is here!We will be doing our upmost to keep you[…]

This is just a short Blog entry incase you were wondering why we are so into bamboo clothing. Well, its because bamboo is the fabric that keeps on giving, not only does it create some comfy threads but is also an extremely sustainable crop – so you can feel good about looking good.  Here are some of the reasons we see bamboo as the new sustainable fiber:   Growth One of the great sustainable features bamboo has as a fabric is the way that it grows. It grows extremely fast and grows densely meaning it requires lot less land to produce it the fabrics like cotton, this frees up the land for much needed agricultural use, to feed the worlds[…]

Having a relatively warm October day in the UK doesn’t happen all that often! At Bamboo Bay we see it as a sign to go and play outside, have a skate or just go on a little adventure. It doesn’t really matter what we are doing as long as we take some photo’s we can still call it WORK! So thats exactly what we did. We gathered up some friends, or should I say “models and a photographer” and went out to see what we could see… In the search of hills, picturesque locations and pretty much anywhere that didn’t resemble an office. We would like to extend a big shout out to Craig Hendry our photographer. If you like the looks of the pic’s as much as us,[…]

We have been busy bashing our heads together to bring you more tasty designs. Get your teeth round these bad boys! As we all know the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder so why not wrap yourself up in our super soft Broken Crew mmm toasty…. Girl’s don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you check out our girls range of 100% Organic Cotton vests and Bamboo t’s We have been busy but had a lot of fun along the way and our first photo shoot was no exception. Take a look at some of the out takes and see if you can tell who has modeled before? [fblike]

We spent last summer in Hossegor on the South West coast of France. As a lot of you will know Hossegor is a prime surf spot in Europe hosting amazing beaches and waves. We went to surf and generally live the beach life for the summer. While looking for a place to crash a friend told us about Carwyn’s Surf hostel in Seignosse, we went to check it out and ended up staying there for the whole summer! Carwyn is a surfing legend and was one, if not THE pioneering surfer to come out of Europe all those years ago. He helped put European surfing on the map, by getting on the world tour and showing people around the world that the Welsh boyo’s could compete[…]

As soon as we heard about “Paddle round the pier” happening in our own back yard in Brighton we knew we had to get involved. Such an amazing idea, an extreme sports festival where the main focus is to build a crazy raft and paddle out to sea! This was the perfect place to introduce our brand to the good people of Brighton. We set about getting our stall (flimsy gazebo) up and running with the help of our friends, not so easy with high winds and lots of rain. When we came back the next morning we were stoked to see that the gazebo was still with standing proud. This was a big surprise to us and it made[…]

Bamboo Bay is a brand new ethical board-riders company and brand based in Brighton UK. Started by two young people with a shared passion for outside sports, travel and the environment. Bamboo Bay was set up to provide board-riders an environmental and ethical choice when it comes to fashion and hardware. We met on a snowboard season in Austria and since have shared our need for board sports, and been lucky enough to experience snowboarding, surfing, skating and many other board sports in beautiful locations around the world. One of the main reasons we, like millions of people around the world  love board sports is not only a passion for riding but also the amazing places and people, that host[…]