On the lip and Bamboo Bay go a long way tour!

Bamboo Bay have partnered up with our friends from On the lip to do a Winter tour around the Alps!

We will be driving down in the Bamboobaymobile at the start of March and making our way to as many resorts as we can, doing pop up stalls and getting involved with events such as Sherides, the Morris pub’s terrace party and the Tignes rail jam. All the while putting together an edit of our trip with some serious shredding thrown in to top it all off!

We will end our tour back home in the UK just in time for a special evening at the Milton Keynes Snozone on the 20th of March, where we will be hosting a freestyle jam night with prizes to be won and fun to be had!

So if you’re in any of those areas keep an ear out on our social media for dates and events, then come join us for some fun and loads of Bamboo Bay bargains!




Win a signed Bamboo Bay hat!

We are giving away a free Bamboo Bay hemp hat, signed by some of the biggest names in snowboarding. Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Muller, Eero Ettala, Stale Sandbech and Torstein Horgmo!

All you have to do to have a chance of winning is follow us, (bamboobay) on Instagram like our picture of the prize and leave a one word comment expressing what snowboarding means to you. That’t it, easy!

We will pick a winner on the 18th of December so you will get your prize in time for Christmas. You could even use it as an amazing present for someone special 🙂

Good luck!

A review of Oakley’s new film: For Me by Joe Emerick

Mayfair is one of the last places you’d expect to find a room of scruffy shred-peddlers, but the Curzon cinema opened its doors to a band of snowboarders, filmmakers and their eager fans for the premier of Oakley’s new film, Snowboarding for Me.

After a brief wait in a lobby/Victorian gentleman’s club, the audience was ushered into the theatre and the show started. The intro from some of the stars, the director, head of music, and editor didn’t give much away (Nico Muller’s cells can stalefish), but was a great warmer for what turns out to be one of the best films of the year. Here’s why:


1. The film is beautiful.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, this film is a pleasure to watch. Big wide vistas to rival The Art of Flight, varied scenery, a great score, and a line-up with more gold medals than Jessica Ennis’s front room. You’re not overwhelmed by 45 minutes of tricks, nor are you bored to tears by convoluted stories of ‘how I got this one thing down.’ Yes, there are moments where you wonder ‘why are you telling me this?’ (Mark McMorris’s social media metrics are a conversation for the boardroom) but they’re balanced by moments of genuine interest, which leads me onto…


2. It is genuinely interesting.

Oakley realise the ‘for me’ element of the film in vivid displays of though and emotion that help elevate it above your average shred flick.

Case in point: At the end of the film, Torstein Horgmo apologises for doing that triple cork, and the ensuing chain reaction that has come to define how competitive snowboarding is judged.

Moments of vulnerability and humanity in a sport that turns its pros into something between cyborgs and Greek gods are rare, and Snowboarding for Me places those moments on par with all the medal-talk and switch double-backflips.

Watching JP Walker have a mini-breakdown when reminiscing about his double rodeo in the early 2000’s is as moving and engaging as Eero Ettala admitting he lets people think he can still do tricks he could 10 years ago that he’s long-since forgotten.


3. Not giving a shit about selling something.

Simply put, the film has lots of shots of goggle-lenses, straps, and close-ups on jackets. There was a goggle display in the lobby, and a big advert for their prizm lenses at the beginning of the film. Terje Haakonsen even referred to the work Oakley were doing as ‘selling cars’.

Yes, Oakley put on a great show, but they never hide the fact they want you to buy their stuff. They’re the dominant force in their market, and the brilliance of their film is testament to their determination to remain better than everyone else. Whilst corporate flourishes may not be your thing, I can’t help respecting Oakley for doing something with such overwhelming confidence.


No film is without flaws (others have noted the lack of any female snowboarders in the film, which is a big area to leave out given Oakley sponsor some of the biggest names in the women’s competitive divisions). If you were going to be cynical about it, you could accuse the athletes of Snowboarding for Oakley, and debunk the entire individuality aspect that the film is based on. However, Snowboarding for Me’s greatest strength is in its bringing-together of snowboarders from all over the professional spectrum, and managing to interlace their talents into a film that is not going to be forgotten quickly. Wear the goggles or not, there is no escaping Oakley’s vision.


Here is the trailer.

Absinthe Films – Heavy Mental review

We were lucky enough to be invited to the premier of Absinthe films new production, Heavy Mental last week in London. We went along and had a really good night, met some very interesting people and thought we should do a quick write up for you guys.

We have been long time fans of the Absinthe Films of the past and were really excited to see what this new production had in store. Absinthe have been making great snowboard films for a long time now and some of the older ones like “Futureproof and Pop” were way ahead of their time and in some ways lead the way for snowboard films of the future.

So that brings us nicely to their new addition, Heavy Mental. Obviously our hopes were high and even higher after watching this pretty full on trailer:

But how did it stack up to its predecessors?

To sum up, we would say this is a no nonsense, predominately powder based film. There is not but about 5 words spoken the whole way through the film and its all about the riding! There were some epic powder lines and sketchy moments with slides and huge airs but it all got a bit repetitive by the end. There was some inventive riding and one footed insanity’s thrown in for good measure but if your after humour or some sort of side text then this is not the film for you. This is straight up snowboarding with no if’s or but’s.

We did enjoy it however, a bit more monkey business from the riders and more variety in they style of riding wouldn’t of gone a miss. We all agreed on a 6/10 with basically no umming or arring So thats what you get Heavy mental. Not quite packing the same punch as some of the classics produced by Absinthe but they are some tough acts to follow!

But hey what do we know? If you want to check it out for yourself you can download it on I-tunes………..probably?


A winters skate by Tom Walder

Our friend Tom Walder, an up and coming skate movie maker and keen skater himself, rounded up some of his buddy’s from the midlands and put together this great little edit from a couple of their sessions last winter!


There guys are definitely worth keeping an eye out for the future and we hope they keep doing what they love and having a great time skating for lots of years to come. They are currently filming for a new edit this winter and we can’t wait to see it. So watch this space………..

Sneaky Stickers!

We were sent this link by a friend the other day who was very cryptic about what exactly we were supposed to be looking at? We thought it may be for research purposes or something, when we got most of the way through the video we still very confused?

Then we saw it and couldn’t help but laugh. Our sneaky sticker flashed up quite clearly around 2:55 in the video!

The bar that they were filming at is Le Surfing just outside of Hossegor, France. We have spent a lot of time there and Ludi one of the founders of Bamboo Bay was a chef there a few years ago So thanks to O’Neill for the free advertising and to whoever put that sicker up at Le Surfing!

We wonder where they will pop up next? Please let us know if you come across any, they are all over the world by now!

Bamboo Bays collaboration with The Dance Off!

We have been good friends with the Dance-Off crew for a long time, we have seen them go from a couple of pallets on the floor to a monster of a stage at this years Secret Garden Party. It’s been an amazing and emotional journey for a family of friends who have always stuck together and been proud to make so many peoples festivals an unforgettable experience.

There’s been epic dance battles, nakedness, stacks, laughs, and even proposals in the dance off ring and if you have never had the pleasure of bearing witness to their shenanigans then press this link to see the official video from this years fun. 

We were stoked to be able to do a collaboration with The Dance Off and we came up with these designs which can be found on the products page of our site.



Here are some of our favourate pictures from Secret Garden Party at the Dance Off. Give them a like on Facebook to keep up to date and try and get involved, you wont regret it!

1941588_10152579089932278_3969185559777868359_o 10339340_10152579088857278_1519677425150851796_o 10428391_10152576095847278_8470533347513487995_o 10446082_10152579077912278_756421845034456555_o 10455010_10152595266412278_1492441331323846596_o 10476548_10152576109037278_4599014436504404489_o 10499474_10152576079092278_7083502557541658694_o 10499600_10152579080812278_3231773197211088300_o 10549958_10152576090007278_9040794638426601036_o



The Dog bowl skate jam!

We went to scout out a spot for a possible event our friend Carwyn Williams owner of Taffy Dog industries wanted to do with us the other day. When we arrived there were some guys skating the bowl so we went over and started having a chat. We told them about our idea for our skate jam we wanted to put on and one of them said he had just got second place at the Bowlarama event in Bilbao, Spain on the weekend!

His name is Alex Sorgente and he is one of the top young skaters in the world! He told us he and his father were only around for a couple of days but they would have loved to come to the event we were planning. As there was no surf and we just bumped into an expert bowl rider we made the hasty decision to just go for it and try and put on our “Dog bowl” event the next day! So we hurried off and went all around Hossegor and Capbreton spreading the word to everyone we could. Here is Alex shredding at The Dog bowl! Thanks to DAMMN for the video.

We even managed to get a band with a sound-system to play as well as design and print t-shirts for the event that day, set up a little stall, a bar and got some Welsh groms to run a BBQ. It all went off without a hitch and was such a fun day to be involved with. We would like to thank everyone who made it down for making it such a magical day and especially to all the skaters who absolutely ripped it to such a great standard. Even the Mayor ended up coming and watching, he loved it 🙂

Next year we will be doing it again but bigger and better so come along and get involved.

Here are some pics from the day courtesy of Anne Huges.  

The Chinding

We all get bored from time to time and we are lucky enough to have some very talented friends who are always up for anything. This time it was Rory – Raw Element and S.P.WOOWOO on hand to make this brilliant little vid.

Raw Element is one of the best beat boxers Britain has to offer and if you want to see some more of his stuff (when he is not putting costumes on his chin) then follow this link: RAW ELEMENT


Here is the video he did with us in Brighton.



We have lots more ideas for rainy days so keep up to date with our blog.

“Jump For Joy” Instagram competition!

We are running a new Instagram competition until the end of July,

It’s called “Jump for joy” and that’s exactly what we want you to do!

Here is a perfect example from our team rider, Jack Austin.

austin pic


Obviously this is quite a hard act to follow and you don’t have to be in the nude to be a winner but if you think you can express your joy through a jump most suited to the end of a cheesy 80’s movie then we want to see it!

Definitely take into account surroundings and circumstances to boost your expression of joy!

The winner will receive a goodie bag of prizes from us which will include all of this….

Luna deck copy  Wood is good front       full bamboo close


To enter just follow us on Instagram, @bamboobay then tag us with your entry and #jumpforjoyBBB

You can vote for your favourite entry by liking the picture, the entry with the most likes by the end of July will be crowned the winner!

Easy. So get out there have some fun and Jump for joy!