Festival season is upon us!

The Bamboo Bay crew love a festival and we have done many stalls all over the place in recent years. From Cornwall to the south of France we have had a great time selling at festivals and have met some incredible people along the way.

However, there is one festival that stands out for us. It’s a home away from home and we get especially pumped for Secret Garden Party!

Our extended family “The Dance-Off crew” absolutely kill it there every year with their interactive stage which ensures people are raving and laughing from dusk till dawn. Last year we were lucky enough to do a collaboration with them and they kindly built in a Bamboo Bay shop into the actual stage! The theme was hillbillies and rednecks and we plummeted ourselves into it.

If you want to know more and see for yourselves what you’re missing out on then have a look at the video below.

We will be there again this year as well as other festivals all over the UK and France. So keep an eye on our blog to find out dates and places.

Let the festivities begin, roll on summer!

The Fisherman’s son, short film.

This is a great little video about big wave surfer Ramón Navarro, who was born as a fisherman’s son in an area of Chile called Punta de Lobos.

He taught himself how to surf the local wave and ended up taking his skills to the top of big wave surfing.

One thing is clear throughout and that’s his passion and connection to the ocean and trying to protect it.

It’s only around 20 minuets long but it’s a really powerful and uplifting story about someone who has risen up to become an ambassador and voice for what he loves!


New edit from Bamboo Bay rider, Ollie Underwood.

We are stoked to have Ollie on our team, he is an amazing guy, super fun to be around and has style for miles on a board!

We managed to get up the hill with him when we were out on our “Go a long way tour” for a couple of days and he is one of the smoothest riders we know.

He has been out in Meribel this winter shredding the DC Area 43 park whenever possible, take a look at the sick edit he put together below.




A winters skate by Tom Walder

Our friend Tom Walder, an up and coming skate movie maker and keen skater himself, rounded up some of his buddy’s from the midlands and put together this great little edit from a couple of their sessions last winter!


There guys are definitely worth keeping an eye out for the future and we hope they keep doing what they love and having a great time skating for lots of years to come. They are currently filming for a new edit this winter and we can’t wait to see it. So watch this space………..

Bamboo Bays collaboration with The Dance Off!

We have been good friends with the Dance-Off crew for a long time, we have seen them go from a couple of pallets on the floor to a monster of a stage at this years Secret Garden Party. It’s been an amazing and emotional journey for a family of friends who have always stuck together and been proud to make so many peoples festivals an unforgettable experience.

There’s been epic dance battles, nakedness, stacks, laughs, and even proposals in the dance off ring and if you have never had the pleasure of bearing witness to their shenanigans then press this link to see the official video from this years fun. 

We were stoked to be able to do a collaboration with The Dance Off and we came up with these designs which can be found on the products page of our site.



Here are some of our favourate pictures from Secret Garden Party at the Dance Off. Give them a like on Facebook to keep up to date and try and get involved, you wont regret it!

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The Chinding

We all get bored from time to time and we are lucky enough to have some very talented friends who are always up for anything. This time it was Rory – Raw Element and S.P.WOOWOO on hand to make this brilliant little vid.

Raw Element is one of the best beat boxers Britain has to offer and if you want to see some more of his stuff (when he is not putting costumes on his chin) then follow this link: RAW ELEMENT


Here is the video he did with us in Brighton.



We have lots more ideas for rainy days so keep up to date with our blog.